MPs have the power to stop the Brexit no-deal, says Jeremy Hunt


Parliament has the power to block a Brexit no-deal, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has admitted.

The Cabinet Minister said it was "very unrealistic" to believe that MPs would not find a way to counteract a disorderly exit from the European Union, if they wanted to, after Theresa May had suffered a series of defeats Common this week.

In a dramatic speech, Hunt also warned that Mrs. May's vote on the next week could lead to "Brexit paralysis" and potentially mean that the United Kingdom will remain in the EU.

He admitted that parliamentary arithmetic was "challenging", given that the ministers are preparing for a bruised defeat in the House of Commons next week, urging Ms. May to join the union leaders and Labor MPs in a desperate attempt to get support.

Mr. Hunt also targeted John Bercow, saying the speaker was "willing to frustrate the government on every occasion" compared to Brexit.

He said al Today program: "If this agreement is rejected, in the end what we could achieve is not a different type of Brexit but the paralysis of Brexit.

"And the Brexit paralysis eventually could lead to no Brexit.

"I'm saying it would be an incredibly harmful breach of trust and it would also be very bad for Britain's reputation abroad, having decided to leave the EU, if in the end for any reason we could not do it."

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The Independent launched the #FinalSay campaign to ask voters to voice the final operation on Brexit.

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