Mr. Tian: Plans to hold the Standard Chartered Marathon in February next year, Yang Deqiang said that the number of participants is limited to 25,000 people, but the epidemic prevention arrangements have not been finalized (17:31) – 20220920 – Hong Kong News – Instant News

Sports Commissioner Yang Deqiang said that President Tian is very welcome to hold the marathon. He pointed out that the marathon has always been organized by President Tian, ​​and the government is responsible for cooperating. He pointed out that President Tian had inquired about the schedule for next year. He said that he would work closely with President Tian and hope to run the competition well.

He also said that the number of participants in the marathon will be set at 25,000 people. The specific event arrangements and epidemic control arrangements have not yet been finalized, and further discussions are to be made with Mr. Tian, ​​but he suggested to Mr. Tian that the starting time interval in groups should be longer, and the running time should be stipulated. Runners are tested before the race, and runners are advised to avoid participating in activities that require mask removal after the test.

Li Jiachao was disappointed that Mr. Tian canceled the slag horse without waiting for the government’s reply, and hoped to do it another day

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