MrBeast has created a real Battle Bus as a gift for FaZe Tfue –


YouTuber popular Jimmy & # 39; MrBeast & # 39; Donaldson stole Fortnite pro FaZe Tfue away from his stream for a few hours on December 3rd – and now fans finally know why.

MrBeast has turned a yellow school bus into a truly massive Battle Bus from the hugely popular title of the Royale Fortnite battle, even taking advantage of the interior of the vehicle with game configurations, merch and a bunk bed.

MrBeast joined Tfue's brother, "JOOGSQUAD," to pull off the acrobatics, taking the bus for a 20-hour trip from his home in North Carolina to the FaZe Fortnite team house on the hills of Hollywood.

While the bus was missing a hot air balloon, it still looks like the spitting image of the vehicle – and Tfue's reaction to the present was unforgettable.

The team interrupted the flow of Tfue after informing them that they were only 10 minutes away, climbing from his window to celebrate the pro's Victory Royale with a turret – all during a live broadcast. They then blindfolded the player and took him out on the bus, making sure to film his incredulous reaction.

The group then drove the bus – even stopped by a traffic policeman after parking the bus near the sidewalk to jump into a canal.

Tfue returned to his stream (which managed to collect 18,000 spectators, despite his long absence) with a torn shirt, claiming that he simply moved into the bathroom. While MrBeast tweeted about a possible collaboration with the streamer, the two managed to keep it secret – until now.


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