Muchová feels strikingly good in front of Roland Garros

Paul White, ČTK / AP

Muchová of the world nineteen missed the tournaments in Dubai and Miami due to injuries. She dropped out in the first round on clay in Stuttgart on her return. In Madrid, she then shone in the second round with a win over world number two Naomi Osaka from Japan and finally ended up in the quarterfinals.

Subsequently, she decided to skip another big clay tournament in Rome in order to heal the abdominal muscle before the Paris Grand Slam. “The break certainly helped me,” Muchová stated in a press release. She completed rehabilitation in Prague with physiotherapist Michal Novotný. “I used various rehabilitation machines that speed up the treatment of injuries,” she added.

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Before the third start in the main competition at Roland Garros, she was preparing on the clay courts of I.ČLTK in Štvanice. “I like to play there, I’m actually at home there,” said the Olomouc native. She tuned the form under the guidance of coach David Kotyza. “I’m just starting to serve slowly, but I believe it will be good. I feel good at a punch,” said Muchová.

Mucha withdrew from the clay tournament in Rome

She moved to Paris on Tuesday together with Kotyza and will be joined by physiotherapist Asier Sanchiz. “And that’s all, because they didn’t give us more accreditations,” Muchová said. This is due to restrictions due to coronavirus. “But Covid’s tests were much milder than last year,” she compared.

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A novelty is the possibility to leave the so-called bubble for an hour and get from the hotel to the city. “We have to register at the reception. We can go for a walk outside in the fresh air, which is nice. It’s also better organized here at the hotel, and compared to last year, it’s also here with an open restaurant,” Muchová described.


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