Muhammad Farraj, Basant Shawqi, “We are burning our blood”… What is the story?

The artist, Basant Shawky, shared with her fans a set of video clips through her account on the photo-sharing application (Instagram), joking with her husband, the artist Mohamed Farraj, while he was watching the match of his favorite team, Al-Ahly Club, with the Military Production Club in the Egyptian League.

And Bassant Shawqi filmed Muhammad Farraj without his knowledge as he was watching the match in a state of tension and nervousness that seemed to him due to the result of the match that ended with Al-Ahly club winning in the last minutes, according to (Nort).

Basant Shawqi tried to provoke Farraj, saying that Al-Ahly club won in its matches because of the arbitration support for it, to respond to her irritably: “My family, who is my family, Jeddah, and my family, who wins through arbitration? Al-Ahly of ours, who is in Egypt, wins by arbitration. You are crazy.”

And he continued, commenting on her lack of follow-up to the match: “You are originally watching, and you don’t want our blood left. You don’t see what is happening in the match.”


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