Business Muhammad Waheed: Corona will destroy the centers of traditional...

Muhammad Waheed: Corona will destroy the centers of traditional industry in the world … and Egypt is the first to benefit

Entrepreneur Mohamed Waheed, Chairman of Catalyst Company and founder of the Quality E-Commerce Platform, said that the new Corona virus epidemic “Covid 19” will have clear effects on the map of the global economy, the most important of which is the re-liberalization of the production system and prioritization of companies and major industrial centers, by abandoning traditional strongholds And huge conglomerates, in favor of fragmenting the productive force and distributing it to many countries and markets around the world, which implies direct benefits to emerging markets, foremost of which is Egypt..

The founder of the first electronic market to trade in Egyptian products added that the transformations resulting from the current global epidemic, and the fact that many countries are forced to partially close and slow down the pace of work, re-considered technical opportunities and innovative tools in trade and services, so it is possible that technology, software and services companies will expand in operating mechanisms From a distance and using the services of freelance workers “Free Lance” at the expense of permanent jobs and traditional workplaces. In contrast, the major industrial companies that were affected by the tight closure policies in some countries will re-map their investment map and components. Its productive capacity, which allows it to have the greatest spread in all continents and countries with competitive capabilities and safe situations, to ensure greater flexibility and maneuvering in the event of the recurrence of this type of crisis in the future, continuing: “The crisis will fragment traditional blocks and industrial centers, with the distribution of those energies on markets A safer and less risky alternative, and Egypt will be among the most prominent beneficiaries in light of the stability of its conditions and the efficiency of government management of the crisis“.

The head of Catalyst, which specializes in entrepreneurship and innovative solutions for trade and services, explained that the past weeks since the outbreak of the epidemic crisis have reformulated many economic concepts, and changed the traditional view of countries and markets that were seen as safe and advanced over others, while many emerging markets, particularly Egypt, demonstrated the ability High on managing the crisis and reducing the severity of risks and repercussions, as well as achieving a high degree of stability and support for the various business sectors, which will necessarily reflect on foreign direct investments and existing business growth levels, and will push the Egyptian market to Z Advanced ranks on the list of preferences of investors and their destinations priority.

Entrepreneur Mohamed Waheed stressed that these opportunities will open many doors for growth and job creation, but it may mark the beginning of intense competition in many sectors of industry and services, so the Egyptian business community must prepare and be fully prepared for that stage, whether in terms of potential internal competition or for opportunities Penetrating more markets and boosting exports, stressing that the Egyptian market has a solid base of capabilities in terms of employment and production and energy inputs, as well as an integrated and attractive legal system, which qualifies it to absorb all these developments and serious interaction with them, thanks to reform policies The comprehensive economic launched and consciously launched by the government over the past four years.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Waheed is a young entrepreneur, who started his journey about fifteen years ago with a series of entrepreneurial projects in several fields, during which he achieved remarkable success in the sectors of real estate investment, trade and agencies, as he launched a number of pioneering companies in innovative fields, the most prominent of which was the specialized company Mashaweer In transportation services, which is preparing to relaunch it within the projects of Catalyst.

Catalyst specializes in entrepreneurship and innovative solutions for trade and services, and launched its first pilot projects in late January, represented in the quality platform for e-commerce, to be the first digital market for Egyptian products, with a package of technical and logistical advantages and facilities for exhibitors and consumers, and a direct bet on small and medium projects, The company is also preparing, according to Waheed, to launch the first Egyptian platform specialized in independent operation and paid quality services, with the aim of developing the e-commerce market from 100 sellers on the Amazon platform to 100,000 sellers across all global platforms, and the Free Lance market. From about 25 thousand at the present time to half a million during the next few years, including about 6 billion dollars per month, according to “Catalyst” studies, time plans and specific targets for its various programs..



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