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JAKARTA, – Member of Commission VII DPR RI, Mulan Jameela |, proposed that PT Pertamina (Persero) can sell Pertamax for the same price as Premium so that people switch to this more environmentally friendly fuel.

The Gerindra Party politician who is also a former vocalist of the Ratu Band Group made this proposal as a solution to Pertamina’s plan to remove fuel. Pertalite and Premium.

During the Commission VII hearing with Pertamina’s directors on Monday (31/8/2020), Mulan asked Pertamina’s President Director Nicke Widyawati whether Pertamina had thought about the impact of eliminating Premium and Pertamax later on the wider community.

“Just input if it’s true Premium and Pertalite removed, is it possible if the price of Pertamax can be lowered to the same as the Premium price, maybe this could be a solution, “said Mulan Jameela, quoted from Parliament TV, Saturday (5/9/2020).

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He asked Pertamina’s management to carefully consider the plan to remove Premium and Pertalite from gas stations, especially in relation to their impact on the wider community.

“The extent to which Pertamina has done an in-depth and more comprehensive study to the public regarding the plan to remove Pertalite and Premium (Premium and Pertalite removed),” said Mulan Jameela.

“Given that we are currently having a Covid-19 pandemic test. If Premium and Pertalite are removed, it will certainly have a bad impact on society,” he said again.

The DPR is scrambling for Pertamina’s readiness

Mulan Jameela’s party partner who is also a member of Commission VII DPR RI, Dony Oekon, questioned Pertamina’s ability to produce BBM with RON 91 or more.

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According to him, currently Pertamina is still unable to produce large quantities of fuel with octane value of 91 and above to meet market needs.

“Do not let us have to import again, following the LHK decision but we are not yet ready, Pertamina is not ready and must import,” he said.

Furthermore, Dony highlighted Pertamina refinery development and development projects that have not been completed. Therefore, he asked the government to postpone the plan to eliminate the two types of subsidized gasoline.

“What used to be the target of all of our (refineries) has been running in 2024, but to this day it has not been running,” he said.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of Energy Watch, Mamit Setiawan, the Pertamax subsidy policy needs to be implemented in order to maintain the purchasing power of the people, especially those who previously used Premium and Pertalite.

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“If it is necessary, in the future this high RON fuel must be provided with subsidies that can at least reduce the burden on the community,” he said.

In addition, Mamit assessed that Pertamina could gradually remove RON fuel under 91.

“If Pertalite cannot (be eliminated), then Premium will be eliminated first,” he said.

However, seeing the condition of the national economy which is being hit badly from the Covid-19 pandemic, Mamit assessed that the government and Pertamina also need to review the plan.

In view of the current condition of society, the government is said to need to postpone the implementation of the elimination of Premium and Pertalite.

“Given the economic conditions of the people affected by Covid-19. I don’t think our society is fully ready for that,” said Mamit.

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(Source: R Ramly | Editor: Erlangga Djumena)


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