Multinational offers qualified employment in Mirandela but has no candidates

An engineer from Mirandela has returned to earth to set up the main hub of a new multinational in the energy sector in the city of Trás-os-Montes, which he is recruiting, but is unable to find candidates for qualified employment.

Manuel Lemos is one of the founders of Enline, who chose Mirandela as the company’s headquarters in Portugal, which has 25 customers on five continents, including national electrical companies from several countries that use the software developed to remotely monitor power lines and equipment.

Portugal was where they tried to try the product without success and even today they have no customers in the country, where they now face the difficulty of finding interested parties to fill the job vacancies they are offering.

“We are having immense difficulty in finding professionals, mainly for business development, people with experience in international markets, ability to speak and write English, among other languages,” he said to Lusa.

The company has already opened competitions and continues to have “seven or eight vacancies”, which also include professionals with experience in the electrical or software sector and in the Information Technology and Marketing specialties.

“I think it is very important to make it public that there is an international software company, which currently exports 100% of what it does to the world, which is decided by shareholders in Trás-os-Montes, but that we need professionals who want to come to the interior,” he stressed.

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