Mum's agony for her daughter's horrible scars after she was bitten 15 times by other children during soft play


The mother of a child who was savagely bitten by other children in a soft game said that she "can not stop crying" when she looks at her daughter's scars.
Becky Doherty revealed her heart pain after Willow-Ivy Doherty, who is 17 months old, was left with bloody cuts on her body after being bitten 15 times in a play center.
Ben Lack Willow-Ivy Doherty has been bitten by another child 15 times mom Becky claimed that a child – about three – was "with a big smile on her face, with blood around her mouth" after the Little Bees incident at Seacroft, Leeds.
Willow-Ivy had four bites on her face, two for her fingers, three on her back, several on her head, one on her ear, one on his shoulder, one on his wrist and one on his leg.
It is understood that the children were in the bathroom area at the time of the accident on Friday 2 November.
Just a week after the attack, Mommy Becky told The Mirror: "Now it's a week later and you can see the scars that come in. Her crust fell this morning and I've since burst into tears. "
Ben, mum, Becky said her daughter has been marked for life. He continued: "He has two on his right cheek with a deep scratch and on his left cheek near his ear there is another that is the size of a ten-pence piece.
"I think the scar is bad enough, the scar is bright purple, it's like a constant memory and my heart is broken."
Previously, her 33-year-old mother told The Mirror that Willow-Ivy looked "as if she had been hurt by a dog, not a child."
Mom Becky said the children had to be separated by another client, with the staff rushing to give their daughter first aid.
Ben Lack Willow-Ivy received the first aid treatment at the play center. Buen Lack Mum said her baby looked like she had been hurt by a dog. He said the client had "pulled the boy out of Willow." He had taken her neck. "
Willow-Ivy was taken to the hospital, receiving injections for hepatitis B and treatment for her cuts.
The mother said that the other parent did not come forward until he started shouting: "Where is your mother?".
He suggested that the child was standing with his older brother and that a specialist said that "there were signs of bites from two different children".
Ben Lack The play center said the children needed parental supervision. Ben Lack Police was called to the accident on Friday, November 2nd. He also said that the other parent told her: "This is what the children do".
A gaming center spokeswoman confirmed that Willow-Ivy received first aid after the accident.
They reiterated the importance for parents to supervise their children.
The West Yorkshire police said they had been called to report that a child had been bitten by a three-year-old in the soft play area.
They said: "The child was treated at the hospital and there was an attack that caused physical damage.
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"A reference to social services was made in relation to the suspect child and the crime was finalized due to their age under criminal responsibility.
"An assault and a public order crime were recorded in connection with reports made by the suspect's mother and another woman following the incident.
"Both of these were finalized because the complainants refused to support a judicial proceeding".

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