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The photographer Rainer Viertlböck wants to show how people “live above the homelessness” in a city as rich as Munich with his large-format pictures of living spaces of the sellers of the street newspaper “Biss”. There is furniture like bulky waste next to very bourgeois furnishings. Even in the most untidy apartments there are lovingly arranged corners with memoirs or collectibles. And sometimes it is surprising how little people can live. Whereby, as a viewer, you find yourself basing your own Central European expectations on furnished living space.

Viertlböck has intentionally not photographed the people who live here in order to preserve their dignity and not to spread social romance, as he says. Even so, the apartments tell a lot about people on the brink of subsistence. In his series “Insights”, which can be seen in the Architecture Gallery on Türkenstraße until February 15, Viertlböck went to work with the same large format camera and care as in his high-end architectural photographs or city portraits for which the Gautinger is known.

With his large-format pictures of living spaces, Rainer Viertlböck has created a dignified monument for the sellers of the street newspaper “Biss”.


Munich sends a strong signal against the right 1,500 people come together on Sankt-Jakobs-Platz to show their solidarity with the Jewish community. The rally was originally planned as a counter demonstration to a Pegida event. Go to Article

The three-way battle for the town hall has started Will Dieter Reiter remain the mayor – or will Katrin Habenschaden or Kristina Frank manage a surprise? Seven weeks before the local elections, it is becoming increasingly clear how differently the candidates advertise for votes. Go to Article

23-year-old convicted of mask raids A man is charged with threatening passers-by and trying to loot money from them. In court, it is also about the perpetrator’s background – because it is moving. Go to Article


Where Munich can make big leaps

Not only children have fun in trampoline parks, adults also come to exercise. A trend sport has long developed around trapezoids and jumping sheets – which is why new halls are always opening up.By Linus Freymark

Economy in Munich A free life with chains

A free life with chains

Thomas Hirschberger, one of the most successful German restaurateurs, has just sold the burger shops Hans im Glück. About a business man who realizes his dreams – almost everyone.By Franz Kotteder

Restaurants in Munich Bars in Munich Breakfast and brunch

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