Municipal Catanzaro, Wanda Ferro: “Something went wrong, now the risk is a blocked city”

There is no doubt that between the first and second round there was a transfer of votes, which we will have to analyze, in some neighborhoods of the city of Catanzaro then there was a huge drop, we must reflect “. He tells Adnkronos Wanda Ferrodeputy of Fdi and candidate for mayor for Giorgia Meloni’s party in Catanzaro, in the first round.

“We – he remembers Sunday 12th we had a good result, then we said we would never go with the Democratic Party and the Five Stars”.

“Of course – something went wrong, the big crowd we saw involves risks linked to local dynamics, now the real problem
it is the risk of having a city blocked, given that the mayor will have to deal with a center-right majority in the city council, a case of ‘lame duck’ that is not good for the citizens ”.

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