Murder by Alexia Daval: Jonathann's confession leaves unanswered questions


Jonathann Daval admitted on Friday 7 that he killed his wife Alexia in the marital home in August 2017. He returned to his version of the family plot. Confessions that are certainly a positive element for the investigation, but do not change much at the time for the manifestation of the truth.

In fact, the thesis hitherto defended by the suspect never really convinced the investigators. Gregory Gay, Jonathann Daval's brother-in-law, accused by the latter, was never worried. Judges and gendarmes continued to focus on their only indictment.

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Furthermore, the version given by Jonathann Daval on Friday does not fully match the results. He said that night he had a violent argument with his wife. Shots would have been exchanged and she would have fallen on the stairs. It would be violence resulting in death without the intent to give it and not murder. Only that according to the autopsy, Alexia Daval was hit, but she died of "manual strangulation". A conclusion that leaves little room for the thesis of the tragic fall.

Similarly, if Jonathann Daval denied any complicity, he still did not recognize the attempt to burn the body, found calcined on 30% of its surface. One of the few things that has never changed.

The question of Alexia Daval's behavior remains to be clarified. His widower mentions a "crisis" during his confession. He had already mentioned an unstable personality of his wife, and the exams revealed that he was taking several drugs that could affect the mood. But the existence of "crisis" has not yet been demonstrated.

On the other hand, confessions make it possible to foresee a reconstitution, which could take place in the coming weeks.

If the thesis of the incident was not proven, the prosecution specified that no element allowed to speak of premeditation.

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