Murder Carmagnola, Alexandro Riccio commits suicide in prison

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September 27, 2021 6:39 am

Alexandro Riccio, the 39-year-old who last January 29, committed suicide in the night between Saturday and Sunday in his cell in the Ivrea prison killed his wife Teodora Casasanta and son Ludovico in Carmagnola, 5 years. After stabbing them, Riccio had cut his wrists and thrown himself into the void from the balcony of the house, surviving the fall. The man was then arrested by the carabinieri of the Moncalieri company. The Prosecutor of Ivrea has opened an investigation into his death.

The murder of Carmagnola

Teodora Casasanta and her son Ludovico were killed at home at the end of last January, in via Barbaroux, in Carmagnola. Hedgehog had then tried to take his own life by throwing himself from the balcony. Admitted to hospital with several fractures, he had been guarded by the carabinieri, who intervened after being notified by some neighbors.

According to what was reconstructed by the investigations coordinated by the Asti prosecutor, Teodora Casasanta had announced to her husband the intention of wanting to separate. The man first killed her while she was sleeping, then he also killed her son, who was sleeping in another room. The autopsy established that the woman and her son were hit with several stab wounds, then the killer attacked the two bodies with various blunt objects. In the house a note had been found written by Riccio, in which he said to his wife and son: “I’ll take you away with me”.

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The couple, married since 2014, had lived in Carmagnola since 2016 and had recently moved to via Barbour. The two had already been separated a few years before, after Hedgehog had had an affair with another woman, then he had returned home. The marriage, however, had entered into crisis and Casasanta had decided to separate.


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