Murder charges against father and sons


DThe prosecution Ellwangen has brought charges against a 55-year-old man and his two 30 and 33-year-old sons from Sontheim (Heidenheim district).

The men of Italian nationality are said to have killed three people since 2008. They should have always proceeded similarly: the victims were strangled or strangled, the corpses then eliminated. The authorities accuse the father of three murders, the 33-year-old son two and the other son a murder.

According to Wednesday reports, the prosecution charges the father and his 33-year-old son with choking a 59-year-old Sontheim man in May, first freezing his body and cutting it apart several days later. Earlier, both should have forced their victims to sign contracts for payments. They wanted to get over the heirs money so. The later murder victim had leased a garage to his 55-year-old alleged murderer.

In 2014, the three accused have allegedly murdered the companion of the sister of the two 30 and 33-year-old brothers, because he is said to have mistreated them. According to the prosecutor, they gagged the man in a garage in Sontheim, so he died. Subsequently, the body should have been disassembled and disposed of in Sicily.

In 2008, the 55-year-old father of a family should have strangled his son-in-law with a rope. The corpse he should have disposed of in a previously unknown manner.

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