Mushrooms, a good source of protein. They are ideal for vegetarians

Even if about 40,000 species of mushrooms are known, not all of them are edible, and when we choose the varieties for consumption, it is good to prefer the edible mushrooms that we find in stores, in the vegetable districts. .

Why it is good to eat mushrooms

European researchers appreciate these vegetables because they are the only plants in the plant kingdom that contain glycogen and B-complex vitamins; therefore, mushrooms are called “vegetable meat”.

“Edible mushrooms of the mushroom variety contain a significant percentage of trace elements (potassium, selenium, phosphorus and zinc). These active substances prevent memory diseases, atherosclerosis and reduce the risk of strokes. Mushrooms also have antitumor and immunological virtues, which are scientifically tested. The content rich in B vitamins (100 grams) covers over 30% of the required daily dose “, says Eugen Giurgiu, PhD in biochemistry, with skills in phytotherapy and nutrition.

Mushrooms are low-salt foods

Mushrooms contain few protein-15 calories per 100 grams and can therefore be eaten by overweight people. It is good to know that magnesium, chlorine, sodium and calcium are less represented in the composition of edible mushrooms. Therefore, these vegetables fall into the group of low-salt foods and can be eaten by patients who have restrictions on the consumption of salty foods.

Mushrooms contain healthy fiber

Mushrooms contain good fiber. Referring to the role of fiber in the body, European nutritionists claim that mushrooms like spinach, cabbage and other vegetables contain good fiber, unlike fiber in cereals, which often irritate the digestive tract.

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Numerous studies and articles show that mushrooms can help in serious conditions: prostate cancer, breast cancer, high cholesterol, immune problems or diabetes.

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