Music, a powerful barrier to social protection


A few days ago, we announced the news that the corporate offices of TVN will be the new space that will house the Foundation of Youth and Children’s Orchestras of Chile (FOJI), which will enhance our work. The foundation develops the musical talent of thousands of children and adolescents in the country, also reinforcing their integral growth.

The pillars of the Foundation are supported by education, psychosocial support and music. These training processes have been a virtuous bridge that has allowed to safeguard the emotional health of those who give life to FOJI, revealing the immense power of culture. Reinforcing our mission, in the midst of the pandemic, we implemented the Giga Scholarships that allowed us to keep the connection between musicians, their families and the Foundation latent. Music is not only a joy to the soul, but also a powerful social protection barrier for young people who come from vulnerable situations.

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All these initiatives allow us to project the future of the Foundation, which will be 20 years old in May 2021. We will continue working to reinforce our commitment to children and young people in our country and to music as a relevant training space, helping them, with their talent and effort, have the opportunity to realize their dreams and believe in their own project of life.

Cecilia Morel, Ana Esfornos, Carmen Gloria Larenas, Geraldina Rosenberg, María Teresita Janssens, María Purísima Diez, Rosita Bustos, Sergio Larraín, Pablo Matamala, Isaac Frenkel, Enrique Barrera, Diego Matte

Directors Foundation of Youth and Children’s Orchestras of Chile

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