Health Music as medicine

Music as medicine

Joan Valls, a 24-year-old from Barcelona, ​​is a 6th year student of Medicine at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital. He is about to graduate, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but, in addition, his passion is music, which he has also used to fight the coronavirus in a different way: with his violin.

“I started my musical training at the age of 6 and to this day I have been receiving violin classes and in recent years also teaching them”, he explains in The Challenge of Readers of La Vanguardia.

“For many years I have been part of different professional orchestras and have performed in a wide variety of events alone and with my modern music group (@ adlibitum.musica)”, he relates.

“Since we started with the state of alarm, I decided to get involved more than ever on a musical level through instagram with the people who usually follow me (about 7,500 people) and offer from the beginning of the quarantine a Violin Concert every Friday at 19 h live (@ joanvalls.rc, this is the instagram) ”, comments this medical student with musical skills.

“During the week I do an exhaustive search for songs from all time, I receive requests and proposals and with all this I get to work and prepare the concert linking one song after another until I say goodbye with a special surprise every week (which always includes a little show!) ”, describes Joan.

“I also decided to create a Weekly Music Quiz because I thought it was a good way to review and learn some classical music in a fun way,” he says.

“As a 6th-year Medicine student about to graduate, I think that in this pandemic, healthcare professionals and Medicine are playing a fundamental role”, highlights Joan Valls, before stressing that “all the professionals who work at the hospital level (doctors, nurses, assistants, caretakers, cleaning staff …) are doing a great job. ”

“All of them are working very hard in a situation that has collapsed the emergencies, has generated a lot of stress due to the lack of medical equipment and personnel and has been very little protocolized from the beginning,” she analyzes.

“And despite the fact that many of them have not had the necessary protection conditions for what it means to be on the front line in such a situation, they are leaving their skin every day to help those who have not been able to cope with Covid -19 ”, he details.

Does the Covid-19 demonstrate that it is better to invest more in public health and research?

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“Another fundamental sector in this pandemic that I do not want to forget is research,” he points out, “all those who belong to this sector are working against the clock to design tests that allow us to know the state of individual immunity against the virus and to elaborate the vaccine against Covid-19, which today would be the main objective to contain this health emergency. ”

“As a Medicine student and future doctor, I hope that this exceptional situation makes us reflect on the importance and the essential that some professionals are for society and that this serves to reinforce the applause of the 8 pm on the balconies and terraces, with a struggle collective to defend better working conditions for all of them, ”he demands.

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