Music: Ben Harper is looking for a crossfalafel salesman in Rennes 25 years ago

Ben Harper, here during a concert with Charlie Musselwhite in Atlanta, in September 2018. – R. Diamond / Rex / Shutterstock

  • On the occasion of the 40th edition of Trans Musicales, Ben Harper returned to his concert in Rennes in 1993.
  • A search notice was launched to try and find a falafel seller with whom the artist had spent the evening.
  • "In Rennes, I was born again," the guitar genius told our colleagues in the Rennes magazine.

"In Rennes, I was born again". It is through this beautiful interview conducted by our colleagues from Monthly of Rennes that Ben Harper has launched his research notice. Come and play
Trans Musicales in 1993, the American artist told of his night spent in the streets of Rennes after his concert and his unlikely meeting with a falafel seller who listened to his record.

"We ate, talked and laughed all night"

The story is 25 years old but seems firmly anchored in the mind of Ben Harper. After his concert at the Trans, the first outside the United States, the guitar prodigy "could not sleep" and so "walked alone through the streets of Rennes". Until you meet a falafel seller who has listened to his record Like the king. "We ate, talked and laughed all night, I hope that with an incredible possibility, I will read this, I would like to tell him how much this night has counted on me," said the artist to our colleagues.

Determined to find the famous seller, journalists of the monthly have launched the hashtag # BenàRennes on Twitter. It remains to be seen if the magic of social networks will work.

Specializing in the discovery of talent, the Trans Musicales festival will celebrate its 40th edition from 5 to 9 December. In the past,
Nirvana, Portishead, Lenny Kravitz, Daft Punk or more recently Stromae showed up in the Trans scene.

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