Music MiniPlayer brings Mac classics to iTunes 10 with a modern twist

Original title: Music MiniPlayer brings Mac classic iTunes 10 modern style

IT House May 30 news, according to 9to5 Mac reports, a new app from developer Mario Guzman called “Music MiniPlayer” aims to bring one of the most useful features in iTunes 10 back to the Mac. This utility replicates the design of the classic iTunes 10 MiniPlayer for Mac, but adds some modern flair.

In its final years, iTunes had a reputation for apps that came with a lot of baggage and crap. Before it was discontinued in 2019, iTunes for Mac packed many different features into one app, including Apple Music, TV shows and movies, podcasts, and more.

With the release of macOS Catalina in 2019, Apple split these different media types into different apps, including Music, Podcasts, and TV. While the Music app on the Mac is still based on quite a bit of the original iTunes foundation, it has obviously undergone many different design and functional changes over the years.

Mario Guzman’s Music MiniPlayer is a new remote control app for music apps on the Mac. As MacStories explains, Music MiniPlayer is not a music player per se, but a separate utility that interacts with the music app built into macOS.

Music MiniPlayer provides incredible iTunes 10 MiniPlayer entertainment, written using the Core Graphics and Core Animation frameworks.It includes a design not only reminiscent of the iTunes 10 MiniPlayer, but a pixel-perfect replica.

The utility includes all the same controls, quick access to play and pause buttons, skip forward and backward buttons, and details of the currently playing song, album and artist.

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Unlike iTunes 10 MiniPlayer, this new Music MiniPlayer utility also provides quick access to all playlists. This means that users can quickly browse through the entire playlist collection, select a shuffle or repeat option, and start playing without having to use the Music app itself.

For added convenience, Music MiniPlayer can even float over other windows, always giving quick access to playback controls and playlists.Return to Sohu, see more


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