Music: P-Square’s Paul and Peter reconcile after years of division

The twin brothers who made up Afrobeat’s famous band, P-Square, have finally put an end to years of feuds. The mediations of politicians and religious had not brought the Okoye brothers to their senses.

In 2017, the Nigerian duo forming the group P SQUARE composed of twins Peter and Paul Okoye, broke up due to a family dispute.

On November 18, 2021, they celebrated their 40th birthday together by letting their Instagram followers know that they were together again.

At the moment, it’s unclear if the two brothers will be making music together again, but fans, who celebrated the reconciliation, are anxiously awaiting P-SQUARE’s new album.

To this day, it is not known exactly what had fractured the cohesion of the Okoye. However, rumors hinted that the feud involved their wives and older brother, who was also their manager. But in an Instagram post, Peter and Paul said “2 heads is better”.

After their split, they both began solo careers as Mr. P (Peter) and Rudeboy (Paul), but neither reached the level of success they enjoyed with P-Square.

As a duo, they dominated the Nigerian music scene for years and were one of the first groups to export Afrobeat to other parts of the continent and mainly to Francophone Africa.

In 2015, P-Square was named Artist of the Decade by MTV Africa.

Kouame L.-Ph. Arnaud KOUAKOU


Source: BBC Africa

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