Music Sessions #57, by Bizarrap and Milo J: lyrics and video

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Shaving has a new single available, Music Sessions #57, in which the Argentine artist Milo J provides the voice. Their collaboration saw the light of day in Spain in the early hours of October 4 to 5. The performer, who is only 16 years old, signs the lyrics of this trap-style song.

The rapper talks about the rise of his short musical career in composition: “As a child I thought that at 16 I was going to die and At 16 I think I’ll be a millionaire at 20.“. He also says that they look at him askance “because I achieved it before I could finish school, without drinking or doping, paying or plagiarizing.”

Furthermore, he takes advantage of the verses to denounce a situation he experienced in the music industry: “They called my brothers enemies when they were the ones who robbed me. I released a top global song and I still don’t see a weight“. At that moment in the single you can hear the melody of Seldomthe success that the young man starred in alongside Tai.

The video of Music Sessions #57work of Pedro Colmeiroshows Milo J con Shaving in a studio, as is tradition in the works of the famous producer. The surprise comes at the end of the piece in YouTube. The song lasts just over three minutes, but it is not the only one they have recorded together. They have created an EP of five songs and each one has its own clip. It should be noted that not all of them have been filmed in the same location.

In sleeping without Madrid is the title of this album that unites Shaving con Milo J. It is headed by ‘session’ number 57, after which are the compositions Toy on the Mic, I am not eternal, Fruit y Sorrows of yesteryear.

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