Musical producer Hans Cornelissen makes “painful decision” | Entertainment

The pair want to bring both performances to the stage in the 2021-2022 season, if the corona crisis is hopefully over. “This painful decision has proved inevitable,” reports Cornelissen. “We have always hoped for the past two months to keep the tours going according to the existing schedule, but that is no longer realistic. There is no prospect of returning to the normal situation yet, and these two large traveling productions are also not suitable for the so-called “one and a half meter formula” due to the large number of cast and crew members. “

The count and Cornelissen are after Stage Entertainment from Albert Verlinde the largest Dutch production house when it comes to large theater performances. Both shows are said to tour the Netherlands for seven months and can be seen more than a hundred times in more than thirty theaters. The productions employed nearly a hundred people for nearly a year. In the lead roles were big names like René van Kooten, Mariska van Kolck, Sven Ratzke and Ellen Pieters cast.

Saturday Night Fever

The producers hope that the third major production coming season, Saturday Night Fever, can continue. The premiere is scheduled for January 25, 2021. It is also planned that in the spring and summer of 2021 there will be a reprise of Kinky Boots. The tour of the success show was abruptly interrupted in mid-March when the theaters had to close their doors because of the corona virus.

Earlier producer MediaLane also announced that the big traveling musical Waitress, with international star Willemijn Verkaik in the lead role, had to be canceled due to the coronavirus. Stage Entertainment has not yet reported when the regular musicals Anastasia (in the Circus Theater), Tina Turner (in the Beatrix Theater) and Lazarus can be resumed.

Soldier of Orange

Stage director Albert Verlinde reported last week that it is not feasible to play this type of large productions if only thirty or even a hundred people are allowed in the hall. The same goes for cult classic Soldier of Orange, who hopes to celebrate the tenth anniversary in the Theaterhangaar in Katwijk in October.

Major musicals are not only being scrapped in the Netherlands. Producer Disney announced the hit on Thursday Frozen, based on the successful animation, will no longer return to Broadway when the theaters are allowed to open again. All stages will be closed for the next three months due to the corona crisis.

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