“Musk is a genetic hybrid between a Chinese genius and a South African supermodel”

Elon Musk leads the most famous brand of electric cars, a space program and several other smaller projects such as the one for the chips in the human brain.

It is not surprising that many wonder how the entrepreneur manages to juggle so many tasks. Rapper Kanye West, who two days ago was kicked out of Twitter again because of his anti-Semitic posts, was also surprised. Yeh, as the artist now likes to be called, has a rather strange theory about Musk.

In your profile in Instagram rapper asks: Am I the only one who thinks Elon Musk is half Chinese?

Kanye has a thesis that somehow a Chinese genius was “crossed” with a South African supermodel in the person of May Musk and, as the performer himself writes, “we have Elon.” West also speculates that 10 or 30 such creatures were actually made, but the entrepreneur turned out to be “the first successful genetic hybrid.”

“Let’s unite and find out [истината]”, the rapper wrote in conclusion.

At the same time, West described himself as “the future president of the United States” and indicated that he would use “Mark Zuckerberg’s platform to initiate a massive investigation into Elon Musk’s childhood photos.” “I call it The Theory of Everything,” Kanye added.

Musk’s response was not long in coming, and he wrote in Twitter, that he took West’s words as a compliment.

The rapper subsequently clarified, again on Instagram, that his post about the suggestion that Elon is a “genetic hybrid” was intended as just that – as a compliment. In addition, West continues to maintain his familiar address to Musk – “my friend”.

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However, the comments under the artist’s post are not flattering at all, and some users advise him to seek professional help as soon as possible.

“Someone kick this ninja off Instagram,” added one of the users. In fact, the latter is not out of the question after West tested Musk’s patience on Twitter and found that it is not infinite.

On the social network, which is now owned by the entrepreneur, Kanye released an image of the Star of David with a swastika painted inside. Musk personally wrote that Kanye’s profile will be restricted for inciting violence and racism.

The rapper does not stop talking about the Jews

“I did my best, but he [Уест] continues to violate community standards,” states the businessman.

However, some users across social platforms believe that instead of enduring ridicule, the rapper should get help from a psychologist and/or psychiatrist. We remind you that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder – a fact that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian revealed.

West’s recent performances on social media have more and more fans turning away from him.

One London tattoo removal studio has picked up on this trend and is now offering free Kanye West tattoo removal. “Looks like quite a few former Kanye fans are regretting it,” the beauty studio wrote on Instagram. From there, they also point out that there is a lot of increased interest in the procedure.

“When you get a tattoo of someone you like, but they hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, you don’t want to wear their face on your arm anymore,” the London beauticians are convinced.

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