Muslim unions demand the resignation of Buch not to defend agents

Several Moss unions have called for the resignation of the Minister of the Interior Miquel Buch, because in his statements this morning he did not defend the agents who acted yesterday in Girona and Terrassa, where they accused anti-fascist groups. "I do not want to shake my wrist to make agents of the Brim" and "Some images do not conform to the principles of a democratic police" are Buch's sentences that did not please the body. For this reason the staff representatives complained that the actions of the agents were questioned and that the body is exploited for political purposes. They also agreed to remember that about twenty agents of Brimo and ARRO – the anti-madness units of the Mossos – were injured in yesterday's speeches.

Buch admits that there are minors who have passed Terrassa and says that the wrist will not be shaken to expel the Brimo agents

The majority body union, SAP-Fepol, assured that the avalanche agents "are afraid to see their work inspected" and rebuked Buch "that does nothing to stop violent acts". He also added that it is "unacceptable" that the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, "places at the center of the political debate a police that has always stood out for its scrupulous neutrality". "The pressure exerted to reform the internal dome is unacceptable," said SAP-Fepol on Torra's request to make immediate changes to the department after yesterday's allegations. Another Mossos union organization, the SPC, said that Buch "rather than the interior minister seems to be an adviser to the CDR". "He not only abuses us financially, but despises us continuously," pushed the SPC to Buch.

Torra requires buch immediate changes in the aftermath of the Mossos charges in Girona and Terrassa

Removal of commands

The USPAC union assured that it is "unacceptable" that there are injured agents and the SME felt that the director, with his statements, "demonstrates a lack of neutrality and transparency" because "he already does a preliminary trial against" agents . In this regard, the collective organization of self-employed workers (CAT) said that Buch's words contribute "to the disgrace of the body". The union of the Mossos Commission, SICME, has also invited the councilor and the entire government to condemn "the action of the violent" and defend the agents; "And do not do exactly the opposite".

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