Must-Haves for a Vendor Before an Event

Traveling and working at the same time as well as not missing any important festival or concert in town sure sounds like a great way of earning a living. There used to be a lot of family businesses built around this model and many people choose this job over more static, classic professional occupations.

However, as with all good things, there are also different aspects that come into play when it comes to such an activity and one must make sure that everything is insured and safe to have a successful professional journey.

Here are 4 must-haves for a vendor before an event, ready to make themselves profitable while moving around states, markets, cities, etc.:

1.   Heat Generating Devices

And when you read that think of any type of device that could provide a warmer atmosphere, whether it’s a mobile radiator, a portable AC turned on winter mode, or simply some heating gloves. Whatever works best, but be sure to invest in some sources of heat.

You would be surprised to discover how cold it can feel outside when you spend more than two hours stuck in the same place, moving in a small, confined perimeter of a maximum of 5 square feet. If you don’t have a proper van, but simply some minimal furniture and just the stand the organizers offered, then you’d better bring something with you.

2.   Insurance For Your Goods

Any event or trade show has special security agents assigned to surveying the surroundings and making sure that nobody tries to break or steal some merch or other valuable things like smartphones or money. If you have a large amount of merchandise, and for any reason, you feel insecure (extreme weather conditions, unsafe location) then, insurance for vendors by Eventsured is sure worth investing in. This way you can stay focused on interacting and engaging with customers and other participants at the fair.

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3.   First-Aid Medical Kit

Safety first, right? You never know when you or one of the customers accidentally gets a small wound or needs to cut something and a pair of scissors come in handy. Making sure that you have alcohol (ethanol) or adhesive band-aids can save you from so many complicated, unforeseen situations that you will feel relieved to carry one of those medical kits with you.

4.   Printed Waterproof Contact Details

If some sort of personal emergency occurs you should make it easy for people to reach you at all times. Plus, it’s not just a thoughtful way of being reachable and open to people that want to buy your stuff, it can also be a great start for future collaboration.

Make sure to have a printed sheet of paper with your phone number or email address, laminated in a transparent plastic foil and you can keep it for as long as you wish, no matter the weather outside. You never know when a great opportunity arises. And you shouldn’t miss it just because you are the one handling everything on their own.

Final Thoughts

Don’t quit your dream job if you discover that you haven’t thickened off anything on this list. There is plenty of time to make the appropriate choices for your luggage and you can always add things as you gain experience and miles on your mileage counter. The important thing is to invest in the objects you will use most frequently and don’t bother about the rest.

Food supplies can be replaced with fast-food meals or fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want to travel light, or just with your merchandise, you can think of canned tuna and a small kettle to prepare quick meals like pasta or potato salads.

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Let’s not forget that every event has food trucks or a small restaurant nearby so you should be settled. Different aspects come to your attention as you gain experience and knowledge and so you shouldn’t worry about future requirements.

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