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Sore throat drink – Who would have thought, how to treat the throat was very easy.

Moms can mix herbal drink from natural ingredients found at home.

Throat was immediately relieved of itching and pain that is very annoying.

Come on, find out some drinks that can prevent and treat sore throat.

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1. Honey water

A mixture of honey and warm water is believed to be effective for eliminating throat diseases.

Honey has antiviral and antibacterial properties that can clear the throat.

In addition, the anti-inflammatory content in honey can cure inflammation.

The best honey for the throat is manuka honey.

Prevent sore throat with herbal drinks


Prevent sore throat with herbal drinks

2. Warm tea

Hot tea contains antioxidants that can fight viral infections that enter the body.

Chamomile tea, green tea, ginseng tea are efficacious to soothe the throat and hydrate the body.

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3. Air lemon

Lemon juice coupled with warm water is believed to relieve a sore throat!

The acid content in lemons can kill bacteria in the throat.

So that swelling and pain in the throat can be reduced.

4. Ginger water

Ginger has a warming effect that can soothe the throat.

In addition, the anti-inflammatory content in ginger water can reduce inflammation.

And its antioxidant content can protect the throat from bacteria!

5. Smoothies

When we have a sore throat, we usually lose our appetite.

So that we lack the intake of nutrients that are important for body health.

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Moms can make smoothies from fruit, vegetables or other herbs that are rich in vitamins.

This drink is gentle on the throat and does not cause pain.

That way the body’s resistance increases again and the problem sore throat can be overcome.


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