Mustache is good for health!


The month of November has become for many men the month of Movember (contraction of "mo" for the whiskers in the Australian slang and "November", November in English). This mustache challenge, by a group of Australian friends, is trying to raise awareness about men's diseases and raise money to fund research.

Beyond the beneficial goal, the mustache and the beard could also have benefits for the health of men. A brief overview …

Protect your skin

The beard (and mustache) would be ideal for the skin. Between the decrease in exposure to sunlight and the damage to the razor, your hair will protect you. As a result, the skin will be softer, less wrinkled and less prone to skin cancer.

A natural barrier

Another interesting point noted in the medical press: protection against allergens. This natural barrier would have the ability to filter suspended microparticles in the air and reduce the risk of allergy and asthma.

But beware, the beard can also be a sponge bacterium, it must be absolutely maintained regularly, extremely clean, otherwise there is a huge risk of seeing it become a nest of microbes!

Do good to your morale

Wearing this hair ornament can increase confidence and confidence, according to some studies.

The icing on the cake, the beard and the mustache would increase the perception that people have of you: more attractive, healthier and more mature.

A study published in 2017 shows that women are more attracted to bearded or moustached men. The reason advanced by the researchers is that a man capable of being healthy with a bard would be perceived as having better genes, and therefore as the best parent.

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