Business Mustang driver decided to spin donuts and crashed into...

Mustang driver decided to spin donuts and crashed into a pole

In Houston, Texas, Brandon Calderon and a girl gathered on the roof of an empty parking lot to take a photo of their Ford Mustang.

At some point, another Mustang GT appeared in the parking lot, and its driver decided to spin the donuts. However, he did not take into account that there were concrete blocks with lamp posts everywhere – and crashed into one of them, after which the airbags were deployed.

In the video that Brandon posted on Facebook, you can see not only the reaction of his girlfriend, who saw the accident in the rear-view mirror, but that in the damaged Mustang there was someone else besides the driver.

“This is why the Mustangs have a bad reputation …” – wrote the author of the video, which became popular on the Reddit forum.

The new Mustang GT Fastback with a five-liter V8 of 460 hp, as in the video, starts at $ 35,880 (2.7 million rubles) in the US.

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