Mustard: the Windows Insider program is broken and should die


Microsoft's insider program for Windows 10 was a brilliant idea: they opened their fans and allowed them to participate in the development. As a result, loyal users felt taken seriously and the company also received important feedback. But now the time has come for pity.

In the past, not everything was better, but in one case certainly: the Microsoft preview program was simple, understandable and clear. New version, new build number and ready. Today even professionals do not understand how, when, where and why Redmonds release a build in which ring, with what number, for Skip Ahead or not and for which fraction of users from which region.

Voodoo 10-Preview

It's only a matter of time before you get the previews you have to run around the cemetery three times and spit four times over your right shoulder to unlock them – at least maybe.

It's a shame. Because the work program was, as mentioned above, an excellent idea. Microsoft also greeted the image of the closed company that made secrecy a program. This has also had to do with the staff: Gabriel Aul (who has now hired on Facebook) was a manager and a level developer who responded to criticism calmly and constructively and because the humor was not a foreign word.

Windows insiders rushed over every new preview version, every innovation was literally absorbed. Obviously: at the beginning there were interesting new features in almost every new build. Meanwhile, there is almost no function in the major publications where you don't see the time to try them.

Don't aggravate

This is understandable, because Windows 10 is undoubtedly a valid and well thought-out operating system, which you don't have to do four years after release. But Microsoft should ask itself if the internal program in the current form makes any sense.

This may also be due to the staff: Auls' successor, Dona Sarkar, did her job well in the beginning, but now she doesn't seem to want it. Brandon LeBlanc, on the other hand, is nothing but a popular figure who, as he feels, does not even beat his heart internally.

It was fun, but now you go away with it

The chaos with which the internal program was presented outside, should also prevail within Microsoft. This has to do with the fact that the development of Windows no longer has the same meaning as it did a few years ago. Microsoft then falls into a corporate culture that in reality was already history, with trench struggles, resentment and in which a hand does not know what the other is doing.

Microsoft should grab the big red button previously used to share updates. This should be reprogrammed and a reset of the internal program or even completely disabled. Because one thing is clear: in the current form you do no favor to you and your faithful users, on the contrary.

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Microsoft, Windows 10, Windows Insider, Gabriel Aul, Dona Sarkar, Gabe Aul

Microsoft, Windows 10, Windows Insider, Gabriel Aul, Dona Sarkar, Gabe Aul

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