Mustopa NR Gathered Religious and Community Leaders at His House Before Attacking the MUI Office

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The perpetrators of the attack on the MUI office, Mustopa NR several times wanted to get recognition as a representative of the prophet. From the results of the witness’s examination, the Director of General Criminal Investigation at Polda Metro Jaya, Senior Commissioner of Police Hengki Haryadi said, Mustopa had once invited a mob to his house.

Mostopa did the mass gathering because he wanted to be recognized as the prophet’s representative. “In 1997, according to the testimony of his wife and local residents, the person concerned had gathered residents and religious leaders at the house concerned,” said Hengki during a press conference at Polda Metro JayaFriday, May 5, 2023.

Based on information from Mustopa’s family, the number of people present at that time was more than 20 people. But none of them responded to the 60-year-old’s narrative.

“At the time the person concerned said that the representative of the prophet, there was no response and at that time the participants immediately dispersed,” said Hengki.

Then Mustopa started writing letters addressed to the regional government since 2003. The levels of copies of the letters ranged from sub-districts, districts, provinces, even to the president.



Furthermore, in 2016, the perpetrator also conveyed his narrative at the Lampung DPRD. He was also caught in a vandalism case that year and was sentenced to three months in prison by the Tanjung Karang District Court.

According to Hengki, he does not fall into the category of people who have lost their minds and can be held responsible. “Being able to realize that what he did was wrong or right, is not included in the category of criminal abolition,” said Hengki Haryadi.

The man who claimed to be the prophet’s representative finally attacked the MUI office after sending a letter so that he would be acknowledged. In MUI office shooting At the center, Mustopa NR injured three witnesses using an air gun. He was declared dead after being unconscious when he was arrested. The National Police forensic doctor revealed that the cause of death was a heart attack.

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