“My autistic son locked up in the gym by the teachers, found without clothes and dirty with excrement”

The case – On 30 September, at 11.30, the boy’s mother received a call from the cooperative that takes care of taking the 14-year-old home: “Run to school, your son is all dirty”. While she was reaching the institute with her husband, two more calls came: one from the same operator who invited her to hurry up and the other from the school. The parents say they arrived at school and found their son alone in the gym, without clothes and dirty. “A treatment that no living thing should receive,” said the 14-year-old’s mother. Subsequently, the carabinieri intervened.

“Francesco’s disturbance – explained the parents – does not affect his needs, he makes himself understood if he has to go to the bathroom and is extremely attentive to its cleanliness. This means that our son has been left alone and even for a long time, otherwise he will not it is explained how he stripped and defecated around the gym, as well as eating and sowing the remains of the snack in the same room. He could have injured himself or felt ill, they kept him closed in the gym like a horse in a stable ” .

The school replica – “For the boy this year we have activated 27 hours of support, the maximum and, convinced that one teacher alone was not enough, we have made two available to him; in addition, since last Monday he has also obtained 15 hours of support from a member assistant. That day the pupil began to undress himself several times, as many as the teachers tried to dress him. He had a crisis and being a boy 1.90 by 120 kg tall, he is not always able to contain him. In the gym he comes brought because he needs large spaces, in the classroom several times he uprooted objects from the walls. When he undressed for the last time he also did the needs that he then tried to throw at the teachers present. The sorrow for the pupil remains everything but us more than guaranteeing double the number of hours in attendance precisely because we are aware of the difficulties we cannot do. We are facing a case that the school cannot deal with, there is enormous discomfort at the base, which must be managed differently mind “, explained the principal of the institute heard by Morning.

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