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“My blood boils”: this is how they protested against Mexican restaurant owners who oppose aid for undocumented immigrants | Your City Elections 2020 Sacramento

A comment on social networks by the owners of a Mexican food restaurant in California was enough to spark outrage from Hispanics.

If this is true, my blood boils“Was the comment published by Teresa Hernández, owner of the Cielito Lindo restaurant located in El Monte.

She was referring to financial aid that Governor Gavin Newsom offered to undocumented immigrants due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hernández added that the money should go to California companies and reproached that many Californians who have worked and paid taxes have not received money from the State.

There are millions of unemployed Californians who have worked and paid within the system who have closed and received not even 10 cents of aid from the state. Money needs to go to California businesses and employees“Said Hernández’s message.

These comments spread like wildfire on social networks and yesterday a protest was organized outside the restaurant.

Teresa is the wife of José Hernández, the founder of the Mariachi Sol de México.

Patricia Chávez, one of the organizers of the protest on Sunday said that the owners of the restaurant are not in solidarity with people of their own race.

“We know that she supports President Trump, is a faithful admirer of hers, and is against our community. It was what bothered us a lot.

“It is not possible that our community consumes her food and now she gives the sword in this way to her own clients”, Chavez told Univision Noticias .

In a live broadcast it was observed that the owners of the restaurant called the police in the presence of the protesters.

The agents asked them not to invade the restaurant area, being private property, and to stay on the sidewalk or on the street.

Food, rent and money: how they help immigrants in California during the coronavirus crisis


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