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The blogger took a review of Vesta with an updated dashboard, but motorists did not like the refinement.

A reviewer of the Z Drive channel said he actually would like to take a completely revamped LADA Vesta SW with Porsche-style devices, but now he is happy to be small, but this is not scary, because even the new dashboard is so good that the motor wants to "rotate and rotate to switch on incorrectly".

"Only a 1.8-liter engine with a power of 122, but this one clearly deserves more," says the driver, measuring the acceleration of the LADA Vesta SW stock to 100 km / h. As it turned out, the car drives "hundreds" even faster than a sedan – 10.9 seconds against 11.7, and in general the blogger is satisfied with the indicator, but could not do without small nuances .

"I seriously believe that a sporty version of the station wagon is needed for such a dashboard," he summarized briefly the expert, adding that he would bring the LADA Vesta SW with the prefix Sport without thinking. However, commentators on the network did not appreciate this optimism and categorically destroyed the "redesigned" car for its "ridiculous" dashboard, which seemed to drivers simply useless.

According to the expert "guide", in front of your eyes there should always be a panel with a speed indicator, while on this "updated" LADA Vesta SW "moved" to the left, giving way to a tachometer, due to which the driver will have to be distracted from the road to avoid accidentally exceeding the speed limit: "Here you need a worthless tachograph! The traffic cop will stop you for speeding and not for driving 7,000 rpm. The point of seeing them constantly before your eyes? "

The motorists of the network do not understand why it was impossible to install adequate dashboards on the LADA Vesta and Vesta SW from the beginning: if the speedometer needle is brought back to the center, the new "trim" will be very good, but so far, drivers are convinced, to buy "West" for the sake of saying this is simply insignificant: "The panel is a collective farmer's dream", "I myself am a collective farmer, but even my cart will have to fix it better".



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