“My drama during the lockdown.” Diaco without words

Teresa De Sio shocks you and I: «My drama during the lockdown». Diaco without words. The singer told the conductor, her close friend, about her difficult lockdown solo: «Those with a husband, a wife, a terrace and a garden were fine. I was home alone for two and a half months. Without a terrace and without a garden so I was not well. The suffering of total and emotional loneliness ».

But the real blow, however Teresa De Sio, came when her boyfriend decided to leave her in the middle of the pandemic: «I was even dumped by one during Covid. He dumped me on the phone from his country. ‘ Pierluigi Diaco, as a good friend, he was truly speechless in front of the confession of the Neapolitan singer. At that point the commentator of Me and you, Katia Ricciarelli, who commented: “The man is selfish and does not have the courage to take responsibility for his actions, to the point of not being able to leave a woman as one should do”.

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