My father is a mobster


After the opening of the restaurant of Salvatore Riina's daughter in Paris, I return to these mafia sons who have decided to break, more or less, with family traditions.

Lucia Riina, an Italian restaurant in Paris

At the head of Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia, between the years '70 and '90, Salvatore Riina was known throughout Italy for its legendary cruelty. Accused of having committed no less than 150 murders, he had specifically ordered the murder of two Italian judges launched on his track. Died in prison in November 2017, "the beast" was serving 26 life sentences. This heavy patrimony, his youngest daughter, Riina, assumes him and even decides to make it a strong point by baptizing his restaurant "Le Corleone", in homage to the village where his father was born. Located on rue Daru, in the eighth arrondissement of Paris, the insignia celebrates Sicilian cuisine.

Maria Concetta Ciavarello, coffee pods with the image of her father

Riina is not the first to want to take advantage of the inheritance of Toto, Maria, the eldest daughter of the Mafia had already tried, in 2017, to launch a brand of coffee in homage to her father. Zò Toto baptized, the brand had designed coffee pods with the effigy of the "chief of chiefs", the head chef. "For me, my father is not the mafia, I look at him with the eyes of a girl, and if the rest of the world sees him differently, I can not do anything about it. In my opinion, he was a good man, I had quietly let go, in the Italian broadcast Hyenas, the offspring of a man who ordered the execution of a 13-year-old child before dissolving the body in acid. Faced with the rage of part of the population, the collection of funds launched on the internet had been closed, signing the death sentence of the small family business.

John Gotti III, in the octagon of the MMA

Godfather of the Gambino house, one of the five mafia families in New York in the 1980s, John Gotti made his butter in the narcotics trafficking before embarking on real estate. Nicknamed "the untouchable", in the end the mafia was convicted of all charges against him, including five murders. If his son, John Gotti Jr, has a determined time to continue the family tradition, his nephew has moved away from the path traced by his ancestors, without putting aside the violence. In fact, John Gotti III is slowly becoming a name in mixed martial arts (MMA), a discipline of free struggles where all shots are allowed. With a record of three wins without defeats, the fighter begins to make himself known and hopes to make his family proud, not to mention where he comes from. On his Instagram account, he warns: "Even in a cage, a lion remains a lion".

Karen Gravano, a reality show about "mafia women"

Released from 2011 on the American TV channel VH1, Mobwives is a reality show with six women whose spouses or parents belonged to the New York mafia. Among these, Keren Gravano, daughter of Sammy Gravano, a gangster of the Gambino family famous for having collaborated on the arrest of John Gotti (see above). The girl of the criminal has appeared in five of the six seasons of the show that undermines the central mafia. Karen Gravano also made the news in 2014 after suing the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) for plagiarism. The descendant of "Sammy the Bull" judged the character of Antonia Bottino inspired by her story.

Jordan Barrett, a modeling career

With a million followers on Instagram and his angel jaws, Jordan Barrett is the model that stands up. The Australian has already collaborated with Kate Moss and was voted Model of the Year 2016 by The young man is the son of Adrian Barrett, one of the largest traffickers in the Pacific, arrested in 2013 with over 8.5 million euros of cannabis. Legend has it that the scion of the drug trafficker had been identified at age 14 while stealing matches.

Nicolas Grellier



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