“My journey with the Superbonus 110% between right and wrong choices”

Two workers in action on a construction site

I hadn’t studied like this since my university days. I prepared it as an exam: text, handouts, seminar (on the web) and now I am ready to transform a drawing into a dream house on the outskirts of Vicenza. Except that I have been ready for four months and not even a brick arrived on the construction site. Let’s say I’m walking in that middle ground that everyone has to cross to get your hands on the 110 percent Superbonus.

Don’t rush

This piece was not needed to understand that bureaucracy is burdened, perhaps it will make you commit a few less mistakes. The first thing I realized that a few months of preparation is to find the right path and get the maximum repayment (but it would be better to say “i”, plural, because the bonuses are more than one). So no rush. Nobody will be able to tell you in advance this project is fine and they will reimburse you 120 thousand euros, no institutional guarantor other than your trusted technicians I mean. Therefore your technicians better have time to evaluate the variables (and you hear at least a couple of voices) otherwise during the credit transfer or control of the Revenue Office you may have to return all or part of the money, attention.

The investment: a house from the sixties

I chose a 200-meter house worth 200 thousand euros built in the 1960s: ugly and old but single and in a nice neighborhood. To get the repayments the cheaper it is better because it will be easier to climb the energy ladder (at least 2 categories are needed, refund ceiling of 80 thousand euros) and seismic (one category, ceiling of 96 thousand euros). It had old heating systems (if you take a ruin without a boiler, you lose everything, the ratio is replacement) and old air conditioners. More generally, if you rebuild a house, you have a much better chance of getting reimbursements than doing small jobs in an already decent house.. Don’t think about redoing your roof or windows to take advantage of the opportunity, you won’t get a penny. Mine started in class G and will easily arrive in C or B, a good choice.

The bureaucracy

I’m not talking about the timing of the municipalities because in themselves they are a huge variable. An access to the documents can cost you 20-30 days or 3-4 months and therefore must be done as soon as possible. I had submitted the request before buying the house and I didn’t have to repeat it. Good choice.

The amnesty (and the times are getting longer)

I had to make a small amnesty. There were two extra walls, a door that had changed walls, in short, stuff that all old houses have but compared to the drawings it did not return and to get the bonuses without surprises you have to be perfect. I discovered that a room on the ground floor had been used as a small shop and I had to combine it because the bonus doesn’t apply to shops. Each complication lengthens the times ergo better simple houses, attention.

Windows moved, no refunds

The 15 cm cladding with insulation, the heat pump, the underfloor heating are driving interventions and they give me the right to get refunds of the fixtures as well (towed intervention). Virtually everything was given away, including projects and technicians’ fees because they remain well under the ceilings. Even the floor on the ground floor is on an unheated surface. I also remade the floors and strengthen the walls and the bonus earthquake pays me this because the new anti-seismic wooden floor on the first floor, the beams and the beams have improved the static. Raising the floor involves moving some windows. And unfortunately I find that they will come out of the refund: if you replace them it’s fine, if you move them or widen them, no. The project already presented, wrong choice.

Cumulative and non-cumulative bonuses

The project transforms the 60s barracks into a beautiful villa and I planned a porch with a terrace above. Wonderful but I pay for it, any new work is out of the bonuses. Gates and fences the same. We will have to redo the plumbing and electrical systems, the bathrooms and for that foreseen the normal 50% renovation bonus, deductible in ten years from taxes (maximum 96,000). What not everyone knows is that it can be combined with the Superbonus but not with the Sisma bonus. Measure the restructuring and consider that unforeseen expenses will affect the ceilings, think about pharaonic projects because pharaonic will be the wrong choice.

I give the credit to the bank

In the end, the plan foresees a restructuring of about 250 thousand euros and I should be able to get about 170 thousand euros in deductions. It will take a year but it still seems like a big deal because I need more than twenty to save that money. I am an employee with a good salary and a good income tax capacity, I will have two ways: the first is to pay the bills with my own money and have them repaid in 5 years at 110 percent. If I lose my job and lose my tax capacity, I also lose the deductions, be careful. ORor go to the bank, do another two weeks of documents, assign the credit and pay the bills (refund 102-103 percent). Do the second.

Now the last step

The travelogue stops there, in the middle ground from where he started. Despite the problems and delays, I remain convinced that it is a unique opportunity. Ma the counter-proof can only be given to you in a year’s time. And I hope I can write here that it was a good choice.

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