“My mother is now covered with bruises”

A McDonald’s customer lashed out at an employee because she said her order was taking too long to arrive in the UK.

The assault took place in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant when the employee was delivering an order to the vehicle of another customer. A woman unhappy about not being served first then allegedly lashed out at a member of staff, according to the Mirror reports.

The victim’s daughter testified: “My mother was at work and there were a lot of people that day. Customers were asked to wait in the parking lot, ”she told LincolnshireLive. “My mother took her order to a man who was waiting, but the person sitting in the car next door mistreated her because they had not received their food.”

“The girl then spat on my mother and opened her car door. My mother immediately closed it because she knew she was angry, ”she continues. “The girl got out of her car and started kicking and punching her.”

“If the gentleman who had just received his order had not intervened, God knows what could have happened. My mom is now covered with bruises on her leg (photo) and has a swollen face ”.

The McDonald’s restaurant concerned by the case has contacted the police and an investigation is underway.


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