My sister of life, I love you infinitely

I love you Bicho… Good return to the Source… may your happy soul fly high. Here are those of us who learned from your courage and desire to live… I love you infinitely, my sister of lifeThat sister that I chose and would choose again … Thank you for each of your words … We will always take care of your family, together with you, “he commented.

I’m going to look for you… I’m going to connect, with what they say is on the other side, but I don’t quite understand why it’s unknown,” he added, later stating: “I put on the loud music, I drink a Fernet and toast to heaven, because the most good and noble being on earth has just risen. Good return to the source, Bicho… I love you infinitely”.

Peter Alfonso, also expressed his sadness. “So good and noble, she will be greatly missed”, wrote in the publication of Paula, who also received the support of her sister Delfina Chaves, Zaira Nara, Celeste Cid, Agustina Cherri, Analía Franchín, Mery del Cerro, Geraldine Nuemann and Barby Franco, among others.

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