MyInvestor increases the remuneration of your account to 2.5% the first year and up to 70,000 euros

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The neobank MyInvestor goes one step further in its objective of attracting clients and increases the remuneration of its demand account from 2% to 2.5% for a period of one year and up to a maximum balance of 70,000 euros. According to their calculations, this means that, above the maximum amount, a client – without having to meet any additional requirements – will be able to obtain up to 1,750 euros in twelve months.

The entity clarifies that customers who have previously opened their account will also be able to take advantage of this offer until they are twelve months old. In the same way, MyInvestor extends this offer to another range of products, such as those linked to investment. Clients who have products such as automated portfolios, investment funds or pension plans, can capture the 2.5% APR on the balance deposited in the account just by meeting a requirement, which is to invest 300 euros per month in these products, both from MyInvestor and the Finanbest range. The offer will benefit some 200,000 clients, according to neobank calculations.

The offer concerns the funds MyInvestor Cartera Permanente, MyInvestor Value, MyInvestor S&P 500 Equivalent, MyInvestor ACWI and MyInvestor Nasdaq. The best-selling funds from independent managers by MyInvestor are also part of the promotion: Baelo Patrimony, River Patrimony, Impassive Wealth, Gestión Boutique VII Azagala, Hamco Global Value Fund and Gestión Boutique VIII Adarve Altea. Among the pension plans eligible to have the account paid at 2.5% APR are MyInvestor Indexado S&P500, MyInvestor Indexado Global, MyInvestor Cartera Permanente, Finanbest Eficiente Mixed Fixed Income and Finanbest Eficiente Global Stock Market.

Likewise, until the end of the year, clients who invest a minimum of 3,000 euros, between contributions, transfers or a combination of both, in one or more of the five plans mentioned above will have their account remunerated at 2.5% APR throughout 2024 On the other hand, for those clients who after a year decide not to invest, they will keep their account without commissions and with a remuneration of 0.3% APR.

There is an option, as announced by the entity, and that is that former MyInvestor clients who decide increase their account balance by a minimum of 1,000 euros until the end of the year, they will also be able to benefit from the 2.5% APR, although this profitability will only be calculated on the new money.

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