Mysterious hole in the ISS: Russia wants to install surveillance cameras


IIn the future, surveillance cameras will be installed in the Russian part of the ISS International Space Station. The Russian space agency Roskosmos therefore draws the consequences of a mysterious leak in a mooring of the Soyuz space capsule of the ISS.

There is an order to install surveillance cameras, said a spokesman for Roscosmos on Wednesday, according to Russian media reports. An astronaut must still be prepared for this job. But first, the devices should be ordered, the spokesperson said. It is not yet clear where exactly cameras are mounted.

The hole had been found at the end of August. In the interested part the pressure had diminished. This had given rise to speculation, such as sabotage. One version was that a member of the ISS had deliberately excavated the hole for the return flight to take place earlier than expected. Furthermore, it was hypothesized that a technician on Earth had slipped with a drill and then secretly sealed the leak.

Pressure loss on the ISS due to a hole in the Soyuz spacecraft

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NASA announced that the Russian spacecraft Soyuz MS-09 had a hole of about 2 millimeters. This caused a loss of pressure on the ISS.

The loss was successfully closed, but the cause is not yet clear. At the beginning of December, two cosmonauts had examined the affected area during an open mission. German astronaut Alexander Gerst brought space capsule samples to Earth before Christmas. Experts hope to be able to clarify the cause.

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