Mysterious problems of the stellar British: My heart bothers me, I don’t know why, she was sad after the battle with Bouzková


The only break decided the fate of the first set. In the seventh game, Kontaová lost the serve, which was enough for Bouzková to get into the lead 1: 0 after 51 minutes and a 6: 4 win.

The second set started better for Britka, who took the lead 2: 0, but the ending again belonged to the native of Prague. She won the drama set in one hour and six minutes again in a ratio of 6: 4 and celebrated the deserved progress.

Marie Bouzková managed the British Johanna Kontaová

However, the former world number four had very unpleasant moments on the court. During the match, she asked for help from doctors who measured the British pressure due to heart problems.

“Suddenly, my heart rate picked up for no apparent reason. It wasn’t after a long exchange, nor was I short of breath,” explained Konta, 29, who eventually decided to continue the match.

The three-time grand slam semifinalist does not suffer from similar health problems for the first time. “I do not know why this is happening. Sometimes it was in a stressful situation, other times in a normal situation. It’s not ideal, but maybe it won’t happen next year now, “says the tennis player.

And it also calms the fans. “I’m perfectly healthy, but sometimes it happens. It takes a while for it to calm down, but then I can focus on tennis again.”

Kontaová with a phenomenon called palpitations, or accelerated or slowed heart rhythms, had problems at the US Open in 2016 in the past, the last time she had an irregular heartbeat during last year’s fedcup match.

Bouzková eliminated the deployed British girl and is in the second round

Kontaová lost with Bouzková for the second time, in the first case she was not enough for the 48th player of the world in March this year at the tournament in Monterrey, Mexico, where she lost in the semifinals 3: 6, 4: 6.


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