Nabih Berri: Overthrowing Lebanon through obstruction is a “treason”

Jeddah – Nermin El-Sayed – In a statement today on the occasion of the anniversary of the July 2006 aggression, and in response to the Israeli statements regarding the situation in Lebanon, Berri said, “The twelfth of July 2006 was a test for all Lebanese in the sincerity of their national affiliation, the cohesion of their unity and a test of their will on the endurance and resistance.

According to the statements reported by the “National Media Agency”, the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament added: “The country that was unable to fall and did not raise the white flag in all the Israeli invasions, resisted and martyred thousands of its best sons and won, today it is with all its sons, its spiritual components, its professional and civil elites and its forces. Political and partisanship faces the same test and test in belonging, unity, steadfastness and resistance, so will we succeed? Rather, we must succeed.”

Berri stressed that “toppling Lebanon with the blows of obstruction, plunging its institutions into a deadly vacuum, persisting in political and constitutional absurdity, and sacrificing the homeland on the altar of personal hatred, is an act that amounts to treason against Lebanon and the Lebanese,” stressing that “the crime of the Beirut port explosion is a crime.” His patriotism hit the Lebanese to the core, and we will not accept under any circumstances anything less than knowing the whole truth in all its details, and punishing everyone who caused it in any position.

In his meeting with the Israeli government, yesterday, Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett blamed Iran for the deteriorating economic conditions and the difficult life experienced by the Lebanese, saying that “the Lebanese state is on the verge of collapse, like all countries seized by Iran, and this time the Lebanese citizens are paying the price.” “.

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