Nacher after the failure YES: The topics were overtaken by the coalition’s argument that the elections are about Babiš

So far, not all votes have been counted, but it is already clear that the Together coalition (ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-ČSL) won the parliamentary elections. Your YES movement ended up in second place. Do you take it as a loss? How do you view this result?

If they win together, congratulations on winning. I take it as a victory for the coalition, not as individual political parties. The moment he sets up a separate political club, it is important who has the biggest one. I respect that as a result. Unlike others, I do not divide it into democratic and non-democratic parties.

How do you explain that the YES movement preceded Together? Did you make any mistakes in the campaign?

Evidently, they defeated the communication with a simple attack, that the elections are about Babiš – Babiš and antiBabiš. They overwhelmed the real content and topics that lie ahead. They’ll be even harder now, I wonder how they handle it. Whether it is things about energy self-sufficiency, the development of the European Union, the competencies we have here and which we can but do not have to lose. Keeping us low on taxes like we have here now. These are all topics that people are interested in, and I’m really interested in how they deal with it.

The Coalition Together and the coalition of Pirates and Mayors will gain a majority in the House. The YES movement would not have won it even with Tomia Okamura’s SPD, which has been speculated about as a possible partner. Do you rely, for example, on the fact that, as a movement, President Miloš Zeman will support you and live up to his words that he will entrust the leader of the strongest party to negotiate the government, not a coalition that he does not recognize?

Movement, not you personally.

Whether it is a coalition or a separate party?

It’s up to the president. Who won, you can see. On the other hand, I would like to know what it will be like from the point of view of a parliamentary club, whether they will have one club or more clubs.

They announced that they would have divided clubs.

In that case, the largest club has the YES movement. It’s really up to the president, I won’t talk to him about it. I take the results with great respect and do not divide it into a demo block and a dark block, which then divides the voters into the right and wrong ones.

You personally ran as a leader in Prague. Do you understand it as your personal loss that the voters did not support you in the metropolis and you did not win?

It is always difficult in Prague. I expected a result of around 17 percent, given what was happening here.

So you didn’t expect to win?

In Prague, the YES movement can hardly win, it is almost impossible. I didn’t even get involved with that ambition. I am a realist and I try to act humbly from the beginning. I was pleased to have the seventh highest number of preferential votes, which is a huge commitment and an incredible number of leaders, for us to be in Prague, where there is “enemy territory”.

If the president really commissioned Andrei Babiš to form a government, who do you see as a possible coalition partner? There are not many possibilities, coalitions with YES do not want to cooperate. Despite the pre-election advice that you will not go with the SPD, could this attitude be reconsidered due to the very limited possibilities?

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