Entertainment Nacho Viale said that he had coronavirus: "Everyone who...

Nacho Viale said that he had coronavirus: “Everyone who was in contact with me swabbed”

Nacho Viale confirmed that he had COVID-19 (Video: “Confrontados” – El Nueve)

In the last days, a chain of unfortunate events have been present in the life of Nacho Avenue. It all started on Saturday the 5th, when she was going from her house to the recordings of Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand and The night of Mirtha and suffered an accident. He was circulating with his motorcycle, and suddenly a car crossed him, which tried to turn left in a prohibited place, which caused him to hit the vehicle head-on. The car was driven by a woman who had two dogs on her lap, and who, according to Nacho, did not even have the grace to ask her about her condition.

The neighbors who approached the place were the first to help him and he was then taken as a precaution to the Rivadavia hospital. After the check-ups, he was referred to the Mater Dai sanatorium, near his home. In the middle of this recovery, they swabbed it and it tested positive for COVID-19. According to your suspicions, He would have been infected at some point since he got into the ambulance that helped him and his stay at the medical center. Beyond this, in an audio that he sent to Confronted, the program that leads Marina Calabró by El Nueve, brought tranquility: “I had COVID-19, but I went through it asymptomaticI didn’t have anything we have been hearing all these months ”.

On Saturday 19, Nacho Viale will once again lead Mirtha Legrand’s programs

On the other hand, he referred to the tranquility of having gone through the disease without major complications and of not having infected other people. “I’m glad I went through this without symptoms and very relieved to now greet my parents and my grandmother, whom I have not seen for a long time, “he commented and clarified that all those who were with him underwent the corresponding studies: “Everyone who was in contact with me swabbed and tested negative. I have already been 9 days and tomorrow I will be released to go out ”.

The producer, as a result of the accident he had, did not move from his house. Little by little he is recovering from injuries and blows, but he still has a lot of pain in one leg. He cannot support her firmly and has a hard time walking. The bruise near his hip crept down and took most of his limb.

On the other hand, in the audio he made reference to that only on Saturday 19, if everything goes well and he manages to step on without major difficulties, he will rejoin the programs of Mirtha Legrand, which today carries out Juana Viale. “Beyond that I am fine, that I was negative and I am already cured, I’m going to continue at home for a few more days because the recovery from the accident I had with the motorcycle will take me a few more days ”, he counted.

In recent days the rumor was installed. However, Calabró indicated that he took a few days to provide confirmation because he wanted to tell his grandmother first. Just as it happened on the day of the crash, who quickly contacted her so that she would listen to him and not worry, she also did the same in this case. The lunch diva lives confinement with great anguish, not being able to do her programs and, given this, they do not want to upset her. With the negative in hand, he called her and told her.

In the next few days, he will visit her, following the necessary protocols, to reassure her. Since the quarantine began, more than 170 days ago, only he and his mother, Marcela tinayreThey are the ones who visit her and bring her what she needs from the street.


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