Nahal Anbar on the health status of Izzat Abu & # 39; Ouf: "We have nothing else


03:30 PM

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Books – Mohamed Magdy:

"We have nothing else to pray for him". These words revealed the artist Nehal Anbar, head of the Health Committee of the Union of Representative Professions on the last state of health of the great artist Izzat Abu Ouf, who is going through a serious health crisis and has been in the hospital for days .

"There is nothing new in the case of the great artist Izzat Abu Ouf," said Nahal Anbar, in a special statement to the Masrawi. "His condition is still very critical, in a dangerous situation in intensive care, and our Lord is doing his salvation.

"The doctors say there can be no medical intervention before the health situation stabilizes," he said.

He said: "His family does not want to reveal the nature of his illness, noting that thousands of Izzat Abu Ouf lovers call him to heal and ask them to continue praying because he needs their prayers."

The artist Ezzat Abu Aouf was exposed to a health crisis which necessitated his transfer to the intensive care room in one of the technicians' hospitals.

It is interesting to note that the last appearance of the artist Izzat Abuouf, was the last Ramadan, he participated in the announcement of a telecommunications company, together with the singer Amr Diab.



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