Name 6 major signs of calcium deficiency in the body

Named 6 major signs of calcium deficiency in the body. The doctors say that every third inhabitant of the planet experiences a lack of macronutrients.

Name 6 major signs of calcium deficiency in the body

In one day, the human body needs 1000 mg of calcium and, for older people, the norm increases to 1200 mg. Nutritionists report that the required amount of macronutrients in the body can only be achieved with a balanced and adequate diet. Eating unhealthy foods only causes a lack of calcium, so doctors have called 6 major signs that indicate its deficiency. Leg cramps can mean a lack of a macrocellula. If at night it often reduces the limbs, it is necessary to review the diet and add more dairy products, nuts and vegetables. Tingling in the areas of the fingertips and cramps can also mean a lack of calcium.

Tooth decay and brittle nails are one of the main indicators of Ca deficiency. If an insufficient amount enters the body, it begins to take it from the bone formation of the mouth. The nails, in turn, deteriorate and begin to exfoliate, becoming more fragile.
Calcium deficiency affects sleep quality. Usually affects the production of serotonin – the hormone of relaxation and good humor, but with a deficiency in a person, the insomnia appears. In this context, memory impairment develops, a lack of calcium can cause neurological disorders, such as hallucinations.



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