NameCheap domains can now be paid with bitcoin through BTCpay

Key facts:
  • The company has been accepting bitcoins since 2013 and this year it has decided to extend its adoption.

  • NameCheap responded to requests from a group of users who preferred to use BTCpay over Bitpay.

NameCheap users now have more than one option to make payments with bitcoin, thanks to the fact that the company has just announced that it will start working with the BTCpay processor. In this way, a new payment method is added to the existing one, offered by the private firm Bitpay.

The decision was informed and Twitter by the CEO of the domain registration service, Richard Kinkerdall. The NameCheap directive was evaluating the incorporation of a new bitcoin payment processor since last year, with the membership taking place in 2020. Now users can cancel their website domains debit, credit cards or transfers from Bitpay and BTCpay.

This news has been well received in the cryptocurrency community, as NameCheap is one of the pioneers in accepting bitcoin payments around the world. The firm adopted the crypto asset in 2013, when it affiliated with Bitpay’s services, following constant requests from its clientele to adopt Bitcoin.

However, over the years, some NameCheap users and personalities The bitcoiner ecosystem began to pressure for the service to take BTCpay into account for payment processing. The tool has stood out in the cryptocurrency market due to its open and self-hosted code, which allows companies to become their own payment processor.

This characteristic differentiates it from platforms such as Bitpay, a private company with centralized governance. Likewise, the support that BTCpay has on the Lightning Network has made it gain many followers. Members of the cryptocurrency community applauded the step taken by NameCheap as it contributes to the decentralization of Bitcoin payments. Even so sources indicate that the company did not fully migrate to the BTCpay server, but maintains the possibility that its users also make transfers from Bitpay, which processes payments with other cryptocurrencies, in addition to Bitcoin.

Just as NameCheap has done this week, more and more businesses are starting to embrace Bitcoin as a payment method and diversifying their cryptocurrency services. Companies of the stature of Citybank, Microsoft and Rakuten They are part of that select group that has also given a vote of confidence to the crypto asset market.

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