Nancy Pelosi casts doubt on the president's mental fitness


Donald Trump lashed out at Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, saying that he is an "extremely stable genius" and is questioning his mental stability.

It was in response to Pelosi's questions about the President's suitability for the office. He suggested to his family or staff to give an "intervention" after a dramatic blow-up at a White House meeting the previous day.

Hours later, Trump defended himself as "extremely calm", suggesting that Ms. Pelosi was mentally ill and did not understand the policies under discussion.

Speaking at a White House event in front of American farmers, agricultural leaders and journalists, the President said that Ms Pelosi "does not understand" the proposed trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.

He organized the event to announce aid to the peasants in a diatribe of almost half an hour against the Democrats.

"I have observed. I have observed it for a long time. You are not the same person. You lost it. Let's face it, you don't understand it," he said.

The president then invited senior staff members to confirm that it was a good idea.

"Kellyanne, what was my temperament yesterday?" He asked the White House adviser Kellyanne Conway.

"Very quiet. No whim," she replied.

He invited four other members of his staff to confirm that he was "very calm", as American farmers and journalists observed.

Trump continued: "The whole Democratic Party is very messed up. They never recovered from the big 2016 elections – an election that people liked you very much, right? Well, Nancy Pelosi didn't she was happy, and it's a disaster.

"The narrative was that I was screaming, ranting and delirious and it was terrible. And I saw Nancy and she was all crazy yesterday – she was with her hands – Beto reminded me. Actually she reminded me of Beto, maybe a little & # 39; worse ". Trump has repeatedly accused Democratic presidential candidate Beto O & Rourke of excessive gesticulation.

Trump concluded with a verdict on his mental state, declaring: "I am an extremely stable genius".

Just a few minutes after the exchange, Ms Pelosi responded to Twitter, inviting President Trump to act in a more presidential manner:

Both the Republican president and the Democratic leaders gathered on Thursday, a day after President Trump left the Cabinet Room calling for an end to Congress investigations before working with Congress on ruined American infrastructure and other issues.

While Trump insisted on Twitter that he was calm when he left the White House meeting that was to focus on infrastructure spending, Ms Pelosi said that Trump established a model of unpredictability.

"I wish his family or his administration or his staff had an intervention for the good of the country," Pelosi told her weekly press conference, adding again that she prays for him and the nation.

"Maybe he wants to take leave," he said.

When asked if she is concerned about Mr. Trump's well-being, she replies: "I am. And the welfare of the United States of America."

Ms Pelosi also called Wednesday's meeting a deliberate "stunt" and a "distraction".

"He is the master of distraction. We will all agree on this. It is something that does good, to distract from the problems he has," he said.

"Sometimes when we talk to him he is in agreement," he said, just to change his mind.

"He says he is in charge and could be.

"For some reason, perhaps it was the lack of confidence on his part … he took a ride, and I just wonder why he did it," he told reporters back to Capitol Hill.

"In any case, I pray for the President of the United States".

Answering on Twitter, Mr. Trump said "Nancy, thank you so much for your prayers, I know you really mean it!"

In a case of unfortunate times for Mr. Trump, he committed an embarrassing typing error at a press conference shortly after the disastrous meeting with the Democrats.

The Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford took a picture of Mr. Trump's handwritten notes, in which he uttered the complements as "achomish".


Ms. Pelosi also said Thursday that she believes Trump "wants to be indicted" because it would be a divisive move that would make him a victim and solidify his base.

"I think what he really got is that … the democratic caucus of the House is not on the path of accusation. That's where he wants us to be," he said.

Attacking more and more personal exchanges is a fuss over some two dozen Democrats and a Republican to launch impeachment hearings against Mr. Trump based on details in the report by Special Adviser Robert Mueller who has repeatedly tried to block the investigation .

Ms. Pelosi resisted, preferring a methodical process through which the Congress investigates and exposes the facts on the question of the obstruction of justice. But it was clear this week that any such discovery could be worthy of a formal prosecution by the House – that is, impeachment.

She also arrives when Ms Pelosi is balancing the impeachment requests with the restriction of the members of the districts that have helped to overturn the Assembly for democratic control and now they have to face difficult re-elections in 2020.


She repeatedly insisted that the president did not seem willing to do multiple activities and worked on the legislation as other presidents under investigation did, said Mrs. Sanders, "I think the Democrats have shown that they are unable to do anything # 39; other. "

Indeed, the House controlled by the Democrats has passed several laws on matters such as firearms control, prescription drugs and campaign financial reforms – although they died in the GOP-controlled Senate .

Ms Sanders also insisted that Mr Trump's dissolution on Wednesday was not planned before Mrs Pelosi's comments and that the White House cartel appeared on President Trump's lectern while he denounced the Democrats shortly after was printed "weeks ago".

When asked why Trump could not work with the Democrats after Mrs. Pelosi's comments about being insulted, Ms. Sanders said: "The president's feelings were not bad. She accused him of a crime. Let it sink. "

Despite Trump's comments on Wednesday's cessation of work with the Democrats until the end of the investigation, Ms. Sanders stated that "personal-level conversations continue" on raising the US debt limit, a fundamental legislative act to be adopted in the coming months.

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