Naniwa Danshi’s Shunsuke Michieda appeared at a press conference in Korea “I like Song Kang, I want to meet him and convey my love” – ​​Kstyle

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Naniwa Danshi Shunsuke Michieda expressed his love for Song Kang and his interest in Korean works.

Today (25th), Shunsuke Michieda attended a press conference for the movie “Even if this love disappears from the world tonight” at CGV, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

With a nervous look on his face, he said in Korean, “Hello, I’m Shunsuke Michieda. I’m not good at Korean yet, but I’ve been studying it a bit. Nice to meet you all. Thank you.” said hello. He continued, “I am very grateful to see the enthusiasm and cheers of the Korean people. I was moved by the wonderful streets.”

The movie “Even if this love disappears from the world tonight” starring Shunsuke Michieda surpassed 800,000 spectators in 41 days after its release in Korea. When asked if she was loved as a “thousand-year idol” in Korea, and if her beautiful looks were the key to the success of the movie, she said, “I am grateful, but I also feel embarrassed. It’s embarrassing to say, but I’m grateful that you said it was because of my beauty.But above all, I strongly believe that it’s thanks to the wonderful acting of the co-stars, the wonderful direction of the director, and the staff who supported me. I feel it,” he said with a smile.

In addition, he also showed interest in Korean dramas. When asked which Korean actor he would like to work with, he said, “I’m a fan of Song Kang, and I’ve seen his work. I want to meet him and convey my love.” Regarding the Korean drama he enjoyed recently, he introduced, “I watched ‘Goddess Advent,’ which I couldn’t watch because I was too busy.”

After the movie was released, more than 3,000 tweets were posted on Korean Twitter. Regarding the enthusiastic interest of the fans, “I am very grateful. I am very happy that you love the work and me so much. I am very grateful that you wrote your impressions of the movie on SNS. I think,” he said, thanking him. He also said, “This time, I would like to visit Korea not as an individual, but as Naniwa Danshi, and show you a live performance,” raising expectations for group activities.

Finally, he said, “I am very honored that this work has crossed the ocean and entered the top 3 of all-time Japanese movies. Thanks to all the fans, I will continue to love ‘Even if this love disappears from the world tonight’. I want it,” he thanked.

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Shunsuke Michieda’s popularity has soared in South Korea since the hit movie “Even if this love disappears from the world tonight”. When he entered South Korea yesterday, “Michigeta Shunsuke”, which represents him, became a trend in Korea and is attracting attention. “Michigetta” means “crazy” and “crazy” in Korean.

・[PHOTO]Naniwa Danshi Shunsuke Michieda attended the press conference for the movie “Even if this love disappears from the world tonight”

・Naniwa Danshi’s Shunsuke Michieda’s long-awaited first visit to South Korea, fans rush to the airport! “Michigeta Shunsuke” becomes a trend in Korea (with video)

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