Nap in the elderly improves cognitive abilities

Taking an afternoon nap is good for everyone, but especially for the elderly. At least to read the results of a study that observed 2,214 healthy people who were at least 60 years old and who lived in large cities. 1,534 of them regularly took an afternoon nap, while the other 680 did not. The research was published in the scientific journal General Psychiatry.

Nap in the elderly: the benefits

The researchers subjected the participants to a screening test for dementia. The results showed that sleeping in the afternoon improved speech fluency, memory and even perception of space. In addition in some cases it also ensures a better stability of mood.

In reality, however, the research team explains that the results of this study certainly do not mean that taking a nap after lunch can prevent the onset of dementia. Robust new studies are needed to examine the relationship between rest and the onset of dementia.

Nap in the elderly: if too long it has negative consequences

However, there are not only lights for those who take an afternoon nap. In fact, their triglyceride levels were higher than those who didn’t take the break. As is known, high triglycerides are an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

This study also pointed out that the benefits are only seen if you take short naps of up to 45 minutes. If you sleep too much, there can be negative consequences.

Nap is good for everyone, not just the elderly, but it must be a maximum of 40 minutes

Already other studies they had demonstrated how taking a nap after lunch could be good for health. However, other research also pointed out that the benefits were canceled out if the nap became too long.

Even the American College of Cardiology explained that for cardiac health it is appropriate that the siesta never goes beyond 40 minutes a day. With this foresight, it has an excellent effect on blood pressure. If it lasts too long, the information levels in the blood rise.

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